[texhax] TUG at BachoTeX 2017 reminder

Jerzy Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at umk.pl
Tue Mar 21 14:00:35 CET 2017

Dear prospect TUG at BachoTeX 2017 participants and authors,

this is to remind you that the "normal" TUG at BachoTeX 2017
registrations are until March 31st, so please hurry because after
that date the fees enter the "penalty area".

I also remind and urge you to offer proposals for papers, workshops
and any other ideas. Please contribute!

Here seems to be a good place to mention that the Organizing
Committee decided that the initially planned
excursion to the Teutonic Castle in Malbork has been cancelled.
Our apologies to all of you who looked forward to this event. Instead,
we will have more of ourselves at the venue!

The conference program  details will be published at the conference
web site, so please watch it.

Please hurry to register, so we can finalize planning.

See you there,

for the Organizing Committee
(-) Jerzy Ludwichowski

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