[texhax] How to change fonts for numbers vs. letters

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Wed Mar 1 02:38:43 CET 2017

Sorry for not getting back to you, I forgot I read this and needed to

On Mon, 30 Jan 2017 22:02:50 -0500
Bob Tennent <rdt at cs.queensu.ca> wrote:
>  >|I selected a cool font in Latex but the numbers are
>  >|offset from each other. For example, the 2 is larger than
>  >|the one in the number 12, like this:
>  >|1 2
>  >|  2  
> It would be nice if you could tell us what this "cool font"
> is because your description of the problem makes no sense
> to me.  I suppose you mean wider rather than "larger"?

No, larger. See:
Notice the numbers 1 vs. 9. I thought that this was just the writer of
the page being fancy, but it's not. I'll attach a picture (bz2 comp), in
case your web browser lacks the correct font.

>  >|I could select another font, or repeatedly switch, but
>  >|I'd like to know if I can use a different font for number
>  >|vs. letters/punctuation.  
> I suppose one could create a virtual font.
> Bob T.

Please point me at the relevant docs.
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