[texhax] Jun17 TUG news: officers, TeX Live, ConTeXt and TUG meetings, TUGboat

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Tue Jun 6 00:12:07 CEST 2017

Dear friends in the TeX community,

June is definitely not a slow month in the TeX calendar.  We have
plenty of (good) news.

1.  The Board voted on the new officers.  Susan DeMeritt will be
    continuing as Secretary, Karl Berry takes over from Klaus H\"oppner
    as Treasurer, and Arthur Reutenauer has been elected as Vice
    President.  Thank you to all who served and congratulations to the
    new officers!

2.  On Sunday June 4, TeX Live 2017 (https://tug.org/texlive/) was
    released. The release files should make their way around CTAN in the
    next day or two.

    The new release has a number of new features; see
    I would like to mention the changes in the updmap system:
    hopefully this will make font installation less painful.

    Many thanks to Karl Berry and the whole TL team for their hard work!

3.  The ConTeXt Group and Pragma ADE are inviting submissions for the
    11th International ConTeXt Meeting, September 11--17, 2017 in
    Maibach, Germany.  The theme for the meeting is ConTeXt Gardening.
    As the organizers write,

	If you want to do an on-topic talk submission, there are
	plenty of angles to take at the theme: Seeding, weeding,
	fertilising, growing, harvesting, just to name a few.

	But anything at all related to ConTeXt that you would like to
	share is an acceptable subject for a presentation, tutorial,
	discussion, Q&A session, demonstration, workshop, recital,
	sketch, or sermon.

	The programme committee is Hans Hagen and Taco Hoekwater, feel
	free to email them with hints and ideas.

    Direct link to the registration form:
    Meeting website: http://meeting.contextgarden.net

4. TUG 2018, including the TUG AGM, will be held in Rio de Janeiro,
   Brazil, from July 20-22, 2018, as a satellite conference of the
   2018 International Congress of Mathematicians.
   https://tug.org/tug2018/ has some visa information, a preliminary
   call for papers, and some dates; more information will be posted as
   it becomes available, as usual.

5. TUGboat is accepting submissions for the next regular issue, vol.38,
   no.3.  The deadline is September 1.  Submissions are needed and welcome,
   particularly of (but not limited to) survey or introductory articles.

Happy TeXing!

Boris Veytsman

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