[texhax] typesetting algorithms in computer science

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 2 17:07:07 CEST 2017

I thought this was kind of a "lmgtfy" question but it does raise the larger question of
what text structures there are for describing algorithms ( similar to say bibtex or graphviz ) that could go into code
generators for latex or svg or machine learning for that matter. Once you have the portable
text you can feed it to various rendering widgets and see what you get.
Typesetting and documentation generation are better when they are more likely to match the
implementing code so anything that can generate both may help. 
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susan dittmar writes,

    I need advice on how to typeset algorithms in computer science papers
    (not a specific journal yet).

she then goes on to describe the difference between setting
math and setting algorithms (or pseudo-code).

there are several very competent packages on ctan for doing
this.  (algorithms and algorithm2e are two that I know of.)
ordinarily, I would suggest that a search on ctan at
would yield some good prospects, but when I just checked,
that isn't working as expected.  I have notified the ctan team,
and hope for a prompt resolution.

in the meantime, do look at those two; both are included in
tex live, so "texdoc xxx" should bring up the user documentation
on your screen.  and good luck in finding an appropriate package.
                                                -- bb

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