[texhax] The "Fontspec" package : load font at specific size with dimension

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Feb 28 22:11:45 CET 2017

Bruce R Miller wrote:

> Naive eavesdropping here, but...
> I would think that the Scale is exactly what you *do* want to do,
> rather than set a specific fixed size.  Then the various size commands
> on the different fonts/languages would work as you would expect....
> at least, assuming they still would work that way after scaling.

OK, fair enough.  I suppose the whole point, from my perspective, is that I have no plans (and no need) to use "the various size commands" (etc), since these fonts are intended for use within a Tikz and it is Tikz that will scale the glyphs rather than TeX, so I was looking for a simple solution whereby I could declare all \newfontfaces at the sizes I need and leave it at that.

** Phil.

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