[texhax] newtx font installation: SOLVED

Schwartz, Steven J s.schwartz at imperial.ac.uk
Sat Feb 25 18:49:50 CET 2017

I wrote:

	>Then check in the log-file if it contains a line like

	>Parsing XXXX\fonts\map\dvips\newtx\newtx.map... and report back.

	I've done this. It doesn't contain any reference to newtx.map although it does contain the 
	references to .../type1/public/newtx etc I extracted for my original posting. I guess there's 
	something different between knowing about a font and putting it in a .map file? And in 
	desperation I did a:

	updmap --admin --force -- verbose > udmapforce.log   [attached]

	which appears to have regenerated all the various caches and such, but which still fails to
 	construct a newtx.map.

OK, empowered by Ulrik's response, further digging resulted in:

a) initexmf --edit-config-file updmap

This created a updmap.cfg file in C:\users\steve\AppData\Roaming\MiKTeX\2.9\config and opened up  Notepad. [If this file already exists it will open up that existing file for further editing]. I inserted a single line:

Map newtx.map

which I saved.

b) initexmf -u   

c) updmap 

All this was done from an Administrator command console although you can see the result ended up in my user\AppData space. The above suggests to me that the miktex installer doesn't (can't?) update the .cfg file.

Anyway, now this all works. Thanks for the steer in the right direction.


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