[texhax] testing font encoding

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Thu Feb 23 16:08:13 CET 2017

I need to test in LaTeX whether the current font encoding is
OT1. My first attempt was

\ifx\f at encoding\ot1@ ... \fi

This didn't work even though \f at encoding generates OT1 so I
assumed that \f at encoding was not a "simple" macro.

I then tried

\edef\enc@{\f at encoding}
\ifx\enc@\ot1@ ... \fi

to force expansion but that didn't work either. Finally,
in desperation to try to understand what \ifx was doing, I

\ifx\enc@\ot1@ ... \fi

and that didn't work either. I'm now completely at a loss
over \ifx. Please help.

Bob T.

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