[texhax] register allocation in musixps.tex

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Wed Feb 8 14:52:49 CET 2017

musixtex originally used special fonts to generate slurs and
ties. But around 2000, Stanislav Kneifl wrote musixps.tex,
an add-on package that generates Postscript commands for
slurs and ties, and this is now the standard tool for
MusiXTeX users; see Chapters 10 and 11 of


But musixps imposes a maximum of 10 slurs/ties allowed
to cross a line break, presumably to keep within the
limitations of plain TeX. It is now standard to use
etex with musixtex and there is a need for more than
10 slurs/ties allowed to cross a line break. Kneifl is
unwilling, after almost 20 years, to tackle significant
modifications and neither is anybody in the MusiXTeX

Would anybody with strong TeX-pertise like to look into
this? You can find musixtex.tex and musixps.tex here:


There is some documentation for musixps at the end
of musixps.tex.

Bob Tennent

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