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Richard M. Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Tue Aug 1 03:44:19 CEST 2017


Please read the web page again. It says that the archived version you want is at

	ftp://ftp.tug.org/historic/systems/mactex <ftp://ftp.tug.org/historic/systems/mactex>

If you know how to use ftp, that is all you need to know. If you don't know ftp, your best bet is to find a friend who does, because that friend could then easily obtain the archived version. MacTeX supported your machine through last year, so the version you want is MacTeX 2016.

I wrote the web page you referenced, which attempts to explain how to get to the archive if you know nothing whatsoever about ftp. But my explanation was apparently not good enough, because you went off the rails during the second sentence.

That second sentence says to turn on your Macintosh, which will run a program called the Apple Finder. The menu bar shows the menus of this program. My sentence says to use your mouse to move to the "Go" menu, and select the item "Connect To Server" in this menu. I suppose on your machine, these terms are in German.

These items are in your computer's menu bar, not on the MacTeX web page!!!

Dick Koch
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