[texhax] Apr17 TUG news: election results, conferences, TUGboat, thanks

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Wed Apr 19 00:36:58 CEST 2017

Fellow TeX-ers,

1) The big news here is the outcome of the TUG election.  As
previously announced there was one candidate for TUG President,
Boris Veytsman, and he will assume the office at the beginning of the TUG
2017 annual meeting.

The candidates elected to the ten open positions on the TUG Board are
Karl Berry, Johannes Braams, Kaja Christiansen, Taco Hoekwater,
Klaus H\"oppner, Frank Mittelbach, Ross Moore, Arthur Reutenauer,
Will Robertson, and Herbert Voss.  Their term will begin with the
TUG 2017 meeting and extend until TUG 2021.

I know I speak for all TUG members in saying thank you to all the
candidates for their willingness to serve.  It was a great slate of
people and speaks well for the community.

2) The TUG conference will be quite soon, April 29-May 3, 2017, in
conjunction with the Polish TeX group GUST at the annual BachoTeX
conference. The latest information is at http://tug.org/tug2017/.

3) Also approaching is the 11th ConTeXt meeting, at Butzbach-Maibach,
Germany, on September 11-17, 2017.  It will give ConTeXt and LuaTeX
developers and users the chance to present results, experiences, and
ideas on future development.  See

4) TUGboat issue 38:2 will be the BachoTeX/TUG'17 proceedings issue,
with a deadline of May 12, 2017.  The next regular issue is 38:3.
Please submit articles for this issue by September 1, 2017.  As
always, of particular interest are survey or introductory articles.

5) This is my final newsletter.  I ask your indulgence for some
needed thanks.

First, on behalf of the TeX community, I would like to thank the
outgoing Board members: Steve Grathwohl, Steve Peter, Geoffrey Poore,
and Michael Sofka.  They have done a great job.

I would also like to say to all the members of the current Board how
very much I appreciated working with you.  Particularly Karl, Barbara,
Boris, and Klaus have gone the extra mile, or sometimes miles.

Finally, I especially want to thank Robin for all that she has helped
me with, and for all that she does at the TUG office.  Thank you,

I know that Boris and the newly-elected Board will do a great job.

Happy TeXing,
Jim Hefferon

P.S. In late-breaking news, the TeX Live 2017 pretest has started.
If you're up for trying it out:

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