[texhax] Don't create output files

Gordon Haverland ghaverla at materialisations.com
Fri Apr 14 02:53:05 CEST 2017

On Thu, 13 Apr 2017 21:24:53 -0300
Darío <darioslc at openmailbox.org> wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> I need know if it's possible delete archives:
> .aux, .log, .out and .toc then of compiling.
> Of course I need pdf file, if not possible, there is a way to this 
> archives send in /tmp ?
> In general a use the next command:
> pdflatex -output-directory /directory/ /directory/archive.tex

Greetings (from a spring snowstorm).

In the archives of Debian (and probably most other Linux's), there are
at least two packages which put the control of LaTeX projects under
control of a Makefile.  They will automagically compile things that need
to be compiled, as many times as they need to be.  I would assume that
they have something like

  make clean
  make distclean

It's possible they exist at CTAN, and so you can get them from your
favorite source of TeX.

Or, maybe I missed what you are looking for.


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