[texhax] series of mathematical expressions with textual remarks

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Wed Apr 5 11:57:33 CEST 2017

Hi folks,

I need your help for ideas how to typeset a series of mathematical
expressions I want to annotate.

I can't use the margin for that (it's a homework, the margin is reserved
for other people). I don't want to use footnotes or equation numbers and
references in the text below the expression series, as that forces the
reader's eyes to jump back and forth too often.

Below is what I came up with for now. I don't like it, because I can't
use TeX's ability to choose parentesis by contents for example, and
things become very unwieldy if for example I want to comment on one line
of an amsmath cases environment.

Any ideas welcome!

Thanks in advance,



\noindent$M:=\{$\hfill (M is defined as set of)\newline
\hspace*{1em}$x\in R|$\hfill (all elements $x$ of the set $R$ for
\hspace*{1em}$\exp(x)>1\}$\hfill ($\exp(x)$ is greater than 1)


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