[texhax] Oct16 TUG news: election, conferences, working groups, tugboat, review

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Sat Oct 8 00:25:17 CEST 2016

Fellow TeX-ers,

Welcome to October.  I live in a place famous for its fall colors,
which are very nice, and we are starting to see the buses.  Here is a
another kind of tour, of some TeX related things.

1) The year 2017 is an election year for TUG.  A number of seats on
the Board expire in 2017, including the office of President: see
http://tug.org/election.  For any inquiries, please contact the
election committee, whose address is on that page.  The submission
deadline is Feb 1.

2) For next year's TUG conference we are excited to be joining the
Polish TeXies for their 25th birthday, at the yearly BachoTeX
conference.  This is TUG's second visit to Poland; the first was in
1998, in Toru\'n, not far from Bachotek, the site of next year's
meeting.  A big thanks to the Polish group GUST for agreeing to host!

The conference will be held April 29-May 3, 2017.  More information will
be appearing in this newletter, and at https://tug.org/tug2017/.

3) The Italian TeX group GuIT will have their XIII Annual Conference
at the Catholic University of Brescia.  Full information is on the
page http://www.guitex.org/home/en/guit-meeting-2016.

4) TUG has activated a pair of working groups: 

4a) The PDF accessibility group works on implementing accessibility
standards in TeX.  It has a web page http://tug.org/twg/accessibility/
and mailing list http://lists.tug.org/accessibility; you can direct a
portion of your TUG donations (tax deductible in the US) to this

4b) The education working group is aimed at helping to teach and
promote TeX in schools and universities.  The mailing is list
http://lists.tug.org/edutex and the web site is freshly minted at

If you are interested in these issues and able to contribute, please
join!  All help is appreciated.

5) The TUGboat 2016 proceedings issue is at the printer and will mail
soon.  The following issue, 37:3, is in final preparations, but last
minute submissions are still possible.  The following issue is 38:1;
the deadline for that is March 3, 2017.

6) A very interesting review by Dave Walden of the book A Truck Full
of Money by Tracy Kidder, has been posted at
http://tug.org/books/reviews/tb116reviews-kidder.html.  TUG members
may know Tracy Kidder for a number of books, including Soul of a New
Machine and Among Schoolchildren, and may also remember his fascinating
talk at the 2014 Portland TUG Conference.  (There are many other
worthwhile reviews at https://tug.org/books/#reviews.)

Happy TeXing,
Jim Hefferon, for the TUG Board

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