[texhax] vote for your favorite type books

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu May 12 00:39:50 CEST 2016

Chuck Bigelow and Kevin Larson have created a survey for favorite type
books of the last 50 years for the next issue of the Visible Language


Chuck says voting is open until around June 1.

Here is more description from Kevin if you want it ...

From: Kevin Larson
Sent: Monday, May 9, 2016 12:57 PM
To: ATypI member discussion list
Subject: Voting for top books on typography

Dear ATypI Members,

Thank you for all your help in generating the list of book on typography
from the last 50 years. After our last call for help, the list jumped from
197 books up to 317 books. Surely this is not all the interesting books
from the last 50 years, and weœôòùve likely missed more non-English books, but
we think weœôòùve made a strong list.

Now is the time for voting for the top books to appear in the special issue
of Visible Language on the last 50 years of typography! Everyone in the
type community is invited to vote for their personal top 10, which we will
use to generate the top 50. Weœôòùre intentionally not defining what we mean
by œôòütopœôòý. Everyone is welcome to come up with their own personal definition
for creating their own list. This is intended to be entertaining, not
authoritative. Though we would like to avoid any Boaty McBoatyface
problems, and ask that people only vote once. We are asking for peopleœôòùs
names and email addresses on the voting page and will check with the voters
to make sure they are real if anything looks suspicious. Names and email
wonœôòùt be used for any other purpose.

To vote, go to the below link and select your top 10. Unfortunately I
wasnœôòùt clever enough to get the page to count how many books you selected.
When you submit your voting, youœôòùll be told if you selected more than 10.
Sorry I couldnœôòùt do better.


Please feel free to forward this to other type loving people!

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