[texhax] texhax Digest, Vol 2016, Issue 151

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jul 20 23:36:02 CEST 2016

Hi again Murray,

    It was hard to search for the executable script without knowing its name.

If you run "tlmgr info --list changes", it will report all the files in
the package.  Or alternative, just visit the texlive.tlpdb file and
search for "name changes" and the files and all the other info is right
there.  It's all just plain text.

Once seeing the files together, the .bash extension is a clue :).

    Whom do I notify œôòô besides the package author (Eckart Kleinod) œôòô of
    the error in the docs?

There is no error in the docs -- although the docs could give the actual
name of the script instead of the vague description.  That would be a
suggestion for Eckart.

Usually, when docs and TL are inconsistent, it's because I imported it
wrong, and the best place to report it is tex-live at tug.org.


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