[texhax] Problem with LuaLaTeX

Mirko Mondini mondinimirko at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 00:02:13 CEST 2016

i would like to use the package Libertine for use this command:
Unfortunatly i've to use the Tikz package.
When I try to compile texworks return me this error.

! Package pgf Error: Driver file ``pgfsys-luatex.def'' not found..

See the pgf package documentation for explanation.

Type H <return> for immediate help.


l.988 ...{Driver file ``\pgfsysdriver'' not found.}}


How can I solve it?
I've just try to use
but it doesn't work.
Sorry for my bad English

The attached file show you the structure of my file.

Mondini Mirko
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 32/a
25040 - Gianico (BS)
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