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Sat Jul 9 00:23:02 CEST 2016

Fellow TeX-ers,

Almost time for the TUG Annual Meeting.  We have the latest on that,
and the ConTeXt meeting, as well as a new interview, and the news from
TeX Live and TUGboat.

1) The 2016 TUG Annual Meeting will be July 25-27, 2016, in Toronto,
Canada.  The conference page http://tug.org/tug2016/ has the details
but here are some highlights.

The program looks great, with presentations on new TeX family
developments, reports on the use of the software in practice, and many
other topics. Check http://tug.org/tug2016/program.html for the full

We will have three special guests.
- Chuck Bigelow, known to many TeX folks as a designer of the Lucida
  and Wingdings font families, will give two talks, one on "Probably
  approximately not quite correct: Revise, repeat", and one on
  "Looking for legibility".
- Robert Bringhurst, known to TeXies for his reference The Elements of
  Typographic Style will speak on "The evolution of the Palatino
- Kevin Larson of Microsoft Advanced Reading Technologies has been
  influential in improvements to rendering technologies.  He will
  discuss "Reading between the lines: Improving comprehension for

This year is notable for the many events and excursions.  Pavneet
Arora, our lead organizer, has outdone himself.  There is a Friday
evening informal dinner for early attendees, a Saturday early morning
run/walk, and a Saturday Niagara excursion.  There is a Sunday Guelph
excursion and Sunday evening reception.  All this before the
conference even starts!

Then, on Monday evening we go to baseball (my personal favorite), on
Tuesday evening we browse bookshops, on Wednesday evening there is a
subway typography tour.  Then, on Thursday there is a typography
excursion during the day and in the evening a harbor cruise and banquet.
Finally, on Friday there is an excursion to Georgian Bay.

Remember also that on Monday from 9:30am-4pm, Cheryl Ponchin and Sue
DeMeritt will be running their acclaimed LaTeX workshop concurrently
with the regular talks.

The deadline for discounted hotel reservations has passed but you can
still contact the Bond Place Hotel.  The conference page
http://tug.org/tug2016/ has the link to make online reservations.  See
http://tug.org/tug2016/travel.html for full travel information.  Hope
to see you there!

2) The 10th International ConTeXt Meeting will take place September
25-October 1, 2016, in Kalenberg, The Netherlands.  It celebrates
thirty years of Pragma ADE, twenty years of public ConTeXt
availability, ten years of organized ConTeXt Meetings, and the birth
of LuaTeX one point zero!  ConTeXt and LuaTeX developers and users
will have the chance to present results, experiences, and ideas on
future development. The presentations will be accompanied by tutorials
on different ConTeXt and LuaTeX techniques.  The conference web page
http://meeting.contextgarden.net/2016/ has all the information.

Registration is open at
http://meeting.contextgarden.net/2016/register.shtml (there is a
deadline of August 15 for preprints to be in the printed program).

3) Speaking of the tremendous efforts put forward by Pavneet Arora,
the latest article in the Interview Corner series
http://tug.org/interviews/arora.html is with him.  Dave Walden does a
great job with the questions and the answers are fascinating.

4) As we noted in the prior newsletter, TeX Live 2016 has been
released.  It should be available for download from all current CTAN
mirrors.  It is also available on DVD from TUG and other user groups.
You can acquire TeX Live in many ways. For typical use, the developers
recommend either: installing TeX Live over the Internet or getting TeX
Live on DVD (recommended if installation over the network is not your
best option). See http://www.tug.org/texlive/acquire.html for full

Thank you to all contributors.  If you are interested in being a
contributors, including being a tester, then visit
http://tug.org/texlive/contribute.html for more information.

5) The next issue of TUGboat is the TUG '16 proceedings issue, with a
submission deadline of August 8.  The next regular issue has a
submission deadline of September 29.  As always, articles, tutorials,
announcements, and any other TeX-related items are very welcome, and
greatly appreciated. See http://tug.org/TUGboat/ for more.

Happy TeXing,
Jim Hefferon, for the TUG Board

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