[texhax] Subject=Re: plain TeX: how to produce outlines in pdf format without using pdftex?

Russ Lyons lyons.russell at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 22:51:39 CET 2016

​> In plain TeX: up to now I've normally produced my pdf output using
pdftex, but
> now I need using the dvi -> ps -> pdf process instead.  I used to create
> outlines with section names in a left side small window, in the pdf
> using pdftex, with the \pdfdest and \pdfoutline commands, that do not work
> processing the tex file with simply `tex'.  How can I create outlines, in
> pdf output, using dvi -> ps -> pdf rather than pdftex?

If you don't need the PS, you can use dvipdfmx.

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