[texhax] Install old version of TeX

Francis Bevan frahasio at gmail.com
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Indeed - had I understood better the capabilities of TeX when I began the
project I might have gone about it differently! As it is, the whole set up
is very hacked together and relies on many different packages as they were
at the point I first installed them. I'm nearing the end of the work now so
will be quicker to just carry on rather than try and tidy up my code.


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On 2016-01-23 at 21:21:14 +0000, Francis Bevan wrote:

 > Dear all,
 > I have recently been forced to replace my computer and reinstall  >
TeXlive. I have been working on a large project for over a year  > using the
gregorio chant notation package. I had googled and hacked  > my way to an
ugly but reliable template which will not process on  > my new PC.

Dear Francis,
Phil already explained how to install an ancient Version of TeX Live.

In my opinion it's much better to use the latest TeX Live release and
contact the author(s) of the package which doesn't work for you as it did in
the past.


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