[texhax] Install old version of TeX

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Jan 23 23:35:37 CET 2016

Francis Bevan wrote:

> I found the 2014 downloader/installer on the historical archives page of
> the tug site but it gives an error because all the repositories are up
> to date with 2015 data. Is there a way to use the source files in the
> archived tar to reinstall the old version?

If you look here, Francis :


you will find an ISO file for the 2014 release.  Burn this to a DVD (or
use some utility that will allow you to mount ISO files) and you can
then install TeX Live 2014.  You will not be able to update it, of
course, but it may be better than nothing.  Whether there is an archive
of the 2014 release as of its final update, as opposed to its initial
release, I regret I do not know.

Philip Taylor

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