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Francis Bevan frahasio at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 22:21:14 CET 2016

Dear all,
I have recently been forced to replace my computer and reinstall TeXlive. I have been working on a large project for over a year using the gregorio chant notation package. I had googled and hacked my way to an ugly but reliable template which will not process on my new PC.
Rather than check through and rewrite all the hundreds of files I’ve done over the last year, I’m hoping it’s possible to install exactly the same version of everything I had before my computer crashed – at least until I’ve finished this particular project! Thanks to the gregorio developers I now have the correct version of that package, but there are still things that are stopping my book from processing.
I found the 2014 downloader/installer on the historical archives page of the tug site but it gives an error because all the repositories are up to date with 2015 data. Is there a way to use the source files in the archived tar to reinstall the old version?
Yours hopefully,
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