[texhax] plain TeX: how to produce outlines in pdf format without using pdftex?

Rodolfo Medina rodolfo.medina at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 16:31:15 CET 2016

Bob Tennent <rdt at cs.queensu.ca> writes:

>  >|In plain TeX: up to now I've normally produced my pdf
>  >|output using pdftex, but now I need using the dvi -> ps
>  >|-> pdf process instead. I used to create outlines with
>  >|section names in a left side small window, in the pdf
>  >|output, using pdftex, with the \pdfdest and \pdfoutline
>  >|commands, that do not work processing the tex file with
>  >|simply `tex'. How can I create outlines, in my pdf
>  >|output, using dvi -> ps -> pdf rather than pdftex?
> Rodolfo: Why are you using plain TeX rather than LaTeX? To
> see how to embed musical extracts in a LaTeX document, see
> Section 24.1 of musixdoc.pdf.
> Bob T.

Bob, I'm an old plain TeX user by now.  All my macros, all my documents are in
plain TeX format, all I've learned with TeX is in plain TeX.  Believe me, I
couldn't do without it now...  and neither would I ever like to. :-)



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