[texhax] slow execution even with pre-compiled header

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Jan 13 23:52:35 CET 2016

Daniel H. Luecking wrote:
> I have seen TeX Live (my preferred system)), occasionally (on
> windows), take
> quite some time on an equally simple file. In those cases I am
> guessing the
> problem was some background program hogging CPU cycles. It is usually not
> reproducible.
I had two seemingly identical TeX Live setups on two similar machines,
yet the faster of these ran TeX programs about 20 times slower than the
slower machine.  I /believe/ that the TeX-specific search paths on the
slower machine were somehow sub-optimal, but never really managed to get
to the bottom of it.  In the end, I jettisoned the TeX Live setup from
the faster-in-theory machine, cloned the slower-in-theory machine's TeX
Live setup to it, and thereafter all performed as it should.

Philip Taylor

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