[texhax] Any crazy math formulas for testing a TeX language interpreter

Deyan Ginev d.ginev at jacobs-university.de
Wed Jan 13 22:20:00 CET 2016

On 01/13/2016 04:13 PM, Philip Taylor wrote:
> Deyan Ginev wrote:
>> I am more than happy to use CTAN, all I was asking for was a link, or at
>> least an email attachment, so that I can inspect the file.
> Hmm, now even more confused.  As your original message was in direct
> reply to Barbara's, I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that it was the BCS test
> file to which you were referring, about which Barbara wrote :
>> is there any sentiment for posting the
>> bcs test file on ctan?  (i'll have to
>> navigate the rules for licenses, which
>> have changed radically since this file
>> was created, but will do so if there's
>> interest.)
> from which it was clear that (a) the BCS test file was not already on
> CTAN, and (b) Barbara was considering putting it there if (i) there was
> interest, and (ii) licence considerations did not preclude.  If it is
> another file (or files) to which you were referring (e.g., the JSbox
> sources), then I can only apologise for the noise ...

The BCS test is exactly what I meant yes. I had simply skimmed over the
ctan mention, especially since I failed to decode the phrasing
describing a "sentiment for posting".

I'm more than happy to wait for a CTAN publication of the file,
apologies for invoking the collective texhax wrath on me, I didn't mean
to suggest other services are "better" than CTAN, or to endorse them in


> Philip Taylor

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