[texhax] JSbox (was : any crazy maths formulae for testing a TeX language interpreter ?)

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Jan 12 11:33:06 CET 2016

David Carlisle wrote:

> PS I feel I have to ask if you could change the name, which would be
> _very_ confusing: anyone who sees that name is going to assume it is
> related to JavaScript and the css box model, but I gather it's related
> to neither. (I would have assumed that even if it were not the case that
> there is an existing jsbox project on github that is about that)

I agree that the JS component is likely to suggest "JavaScript" to the
uninitiated reader (indeed, when I read Doug's message, I assumed that
JSbox was written in JavaScript) but cannot agree that the "box" element
suggest the CSS box model -- if anything, it suggests (to me, at least)
a /sand/box (i.e., a JavaScript sandbox).  But the very fact that there
are other, completely unrelated, JSboxen out there in the wild does
suggest to me that a better name would not be at all a bad idea.  And I
would strongly recommend that that name include the string "TeX"
(regardless of case).

** Phil.

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