[texhax] Jan 2016 TUG news: members campaign, calendar, tugboat, conference

TeX Users Group tug-news at tug.org
Wed Jan 6 01:17:15 CET 2016

Hello TeX-ers,

Happy New Year to everyone and we hope you had a nice holiday season.

1) The culmination of our 2015 the members-bring-members drive is the 
drawing for the grand prize.  Congratulations to Jean-luc Doumont!  The 
prize is an original illustration made for this campaign by Duane Bibby.  
For more on the campaign see http://tug.org/membership/.

The campaign resulted in twenty-two new members.  Welcome to all, and 
thanks to members who suggested TUG membership to other friends of TeX.

The form at http://tug.org/join.html still contains a field for 
new members to name who brought them in, and as a thank you we will 
continue to send a lovely postcard by Peter Wilson to each sponsor, 
while supplies last.    

2) The news on the TUG Board is that Karl Berry has resigned from the Board.
In addition to being a Board member since 1995, Karl was TUG President 
from 2003 to 2011, and Treasurer from 2011 to 2015.  Everyone
reading this knows his many contributions to TeX and friends, and to
TUG.  It is not possible to overstate the value of his work.  Karl will 
continue his extensive work with TeX Live development, and as production 
manager for TUGboat. Thank you, Karl.

3) Klaus H\"oppner has stepped forward to take Karl's place as
Treasurer.  Thank you also, Klaus.

4) The submission deadline for TUGboat 37:1 is March 11.  We are
interested in articles over a wide range of subjects and directed at a
wide range of readers.  In particular, we especially welcome tutorials and
introductions.  See http://tug.org/TUGboat/location.html for more,
including submission tips.

In addition, a year has passed since the publication of TUGboat 35:3 so
it is now publicly available:

5) The page http://tug.org/calendar has a calendar for 2016 (plus bonus
information at the end), available to all, prepared in TeX by Peter Wilson.

6) Finally, please consider attending this year's annual conference, TUG
2016, in Toronto, Canada, on July 25-27, 2016. In addition to wonderful
people and interesting talks, there are a number of exciting
possibilities for excursions.  See http://tug.org/tug2016/ for the full

Talks of all kinds are welcome.  The deadline for abstracts is May 1.

Don't forget that the TUG Bursary Fund provides assistance for members of 
the TeX community who would, for financial reasons, otherwise be unable to 
attend a TUG Conference.  If this applies to you, we welcome applications at

Happy TeXing, and Happy 2016.
TUG Board

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