[texhax] 2017 TUG membership forms and rate decrease

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Sat Dec 31 22:24:48 CET 2016

Fellow TeX-ers,

As you know, the TeX Users Group (TUG) has been supporting and
encouraging users of TeX, LaTeX, and friends since the software has been

If you are a TUG member, thank you!  (If you signed up for automatic
renewal, you should be billed in a few days.  Otherwise, please renew
any time, at http://tug.org/join.html.)

If you are not already a member, please consider joining or renewing
with us, or any of the many user groups around the
world (http://tug.org/usergroups.html).

TUG's aims are: to encourage and expand the use of TeX, LaTeX, Metafont
and related systems, to ensure the integrity and portability of TeX,
LaTeX, Metafont and related systems, and to foster innovation in
high-quality electronic document preparation.  For more, visit our home
page at http://tug.org.

TUG supports the massive effort to maintain and develop the TeX Live
distribution.  We run a very productive annual conference; see
http://tug.org/meetings/.  We produce the journal TUGboat; see
http://tug.org/TUGboat/.  We fund development projects in areas such as
LuaTeX, MetaPost, and the GUST e-foundry fonts, as well as supporting
contributions to projects such as CTAN and LaTeX3.  And this is just
some of TUG's activities: for more, see http://tug.org/aims_ben.html and

Membership remains $85 if you join early, before March 31, 2017.  If you
are a student, a new graduate, a senior, or a citizens of a country with
modest economy, the membership fee remains $55.

This year there is one extra reason to join TUG: an increased discount
for an electronic membership (meaning you get TUGboat and the software
collection on the web rather than physically), to a total savings of $40.

Thus, if you would like to help ensure the ongoing existence and
excellence of TeX and friends, an early (regular) membership along with
the electronic discount is an annual total of $45, and the early bird
special categories membership (students, seniors, ...) is $15.

Thank you for considering joining or renewing with TUG.  For more
information, and to sign up, visit http://tug.org/join.html.

Jim Hefferon
President, TeX Users Group

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