[texhax] Improve fonts in dvi output

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Oct 28 11:05:21 CET 2015


At 2015-09-02 15:10 UTC, Keith Hannyby wrote:

> Working on a book document using amsmath under MiKTeX 2.9 is much easier and
> quicker if one can rely on the compiled dvi output screen (the pdf output is
> perfect).
> After installing Windows 10, the output fonts have become blurry or thicker
> (almost like bold), so that it is difficult to get a good impression of the
> page.
> Does anyone know how to recover the fonts used by dvi to the old quality -
> under Windows 7 and 8.1, please?
> I have seen a suggestion that it is controllable under properties in an .exe
> file, but I don't know where.
> I attach a MWE to show the effect.

next time you might think about the "M" in "MWE". 
A list of all the LaTeX packages you find interesting 
hardly is a part of a "minimal" example.

Also, LaTeX code is hardly relevant here. You are writing 
about rendering in a DVI viewer, the problem apparently 
is observed with any text output. On the other hand, when 
somebody compiles your code at her/his older Windows, 
Mac, or Linux installation and views it, (s)he will 
hardly observe the effect you describe 
(unless having had the problem earlier already). 
Perhaps a /screenshot/ would be more useful in this case
-- ! (Together with screenshots from other installations!?)

However, you seem to list two font-related packages. 
Does the problem appear with special fonts only, or with any?

What would have been more important to know regarding your 
problem: What DVI viewer are you using? (Ahm ... probably YAP.)
-- Its programmer may be the only person with whom you can 
usefully discuss the problem. Yet the same person may rely on 
some programming library whose behavior with Windows 10 (s)he 
neither understands.

I have sometimes thought about your posting because I often 
observe such "blurring" with Evince under Linux (GNOME, Lubuntu).
Typically, when I change zoom sizes hitting (Ctrl-)+ or 
(Ctrl-)-, every second display is blurred, the other renderings
are perfect. Blurred display occurs /sometimes/rarely/ with 
its PDF component. The DVI component has other deficiencies as
compared with the PDF component.



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