[texhax] otftotfm

Walt Burkhard burkhard at cs.ucsd.edu
Fri Oct 23 01:17:59 CEST 2015

Hello TUG,

I am trying to use the otftotfm tool on a "large" font with over 1200
glyphs.  When I issue the

command ---

otftotfm -e ec -fliga -fkern --force

                               Sanelma.otf Sanelma

I obtain all the files expected plus one more named Sanelma--base.tfm .

tex seems to work fine on the properly installed files with
Sanelma--base.tfm also within the tfm folder.

However dvipdfm complains about not being able to find Sanelma--base.pdf
and Sanelma--base.vf.

I have not found any info on the man page regarding "--base" files.

What should I be doing here?

Many thanks in advance.

Walt Burkhard
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