[texhax] The LaTeX Cookbook will appear this month

Stefan Kottwitz stefan at texblog.net
Tue Oct 13 20:00:19 CEST 2015


to who already saw the announcement at some web sites,
please forgive me the noise. I would just like to
inform our texhax mailing list readers too.

My new LaTeX book will become available this month. It follows
a cookbook style, based on examples with explanation.

For a few days, until October 18th, the publisher offers
a pre-order discount of 35%. To help in deciding if you
might like the book or not, I made a website with
sample chapter, table of contents, and an example gallery.
A quick shot to already provide at least some information.
You can find it at: http://latex-cookbook.net
Some further information is at:

The book assumes that the reader knows about LaTeX
basics or can read it somewhere else, so it can
quickly jump to interesting topics. That's why an introductory
book may be a good addition for somebody, so I convinced
the publisher to make my beginner's guide available
with 50% discount for some time.

There's detailed information (with coupon codes)
on the websites, the links are above.

If you would like to know more about the book,
let me know, just send me a mail to stefan at texblog.net.
Or ping me on a web forum.

I'm sure there will be a review in the TUGboat at some time,
that will give an independent view on the content. I just
wanted to let you already know about the publisher's promo days.

Best regards,

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