[texhax] Page layout

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon May 25 19:45:41 CEST 2015

On Monday, 2015-05-25, at 12:46 +02:00, Jerry wrote:
> I use text boxes in several of the documents I work on. I need some way of
> making sure that they are properly aligned, usually horizontally, but not
> always. At present I have to actually print them out to insure that they are
> correct. In MS Word, they is a command to put a grid on the page so that I
> can view exactly where each item is in relation to other related items. I
> realize that I can drag the item in that environment whereas I cannot do that
> in LaTeX; however, that is all right. I can manually move it as long as I
> know what has to be done.

Sorry for mistyping


Is its "documentation"/demo appealing?

With textpos


you can controlling alignment by "manual" placement. 
Perhaps it becomes fun after defining shorthands 
for horizontal positions. pst-abspos seems to be 
similar, and pst-layout might be similar to what 
Thomas Schneider proposed.

Another: tabto-ltx


I also have an idea based on something like 


(FW for "fixed width"), or building the page with 
\parbox's of the same dimensions -- while I must 
obey other deadlines of my own.

What these ideas share are that you can control 
placement by dimension parameters. What has been 
your method so far, which appeared to you as 
rather random? '\ \ \ '?

 -- Uwe

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