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> I am still trying to learn LaTeX, so this may seem like a stupid question. I
> am looking for a package, or method of laying out a grid on a page so that I
> can be sure that everything I place on the page is spaced and positioned
> correctly.I know about the "showframe" option with the "geometry" package;
> however, that does not actually place a grid on the page.

PStricks can do this really nicely.  I built a demo for you, attached.

I use this method extensively for making slides using powerdot, but
this is an example for a regular LaTeX page.  For slides there are a
few changes, most notably one needs to add an extra '[]' to get
itemize to work in a parbox:
along with the slide stepping mechanism.

(Note: unfortunately my website is down, possibly until Tuesday, so
the hyperlinks don't work for now.)


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