[texhax] Texlive help me please!

Alan Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Wed May 20 21:22:06 CEST 2015


First thing, stop panicking.

So far as the output from LaTeX is concerned you will achieve the same 
through TeXLive and MiKTeX. Operationally, they are a bit different 
which is why people have their own preferences of distribution.

To remove TeXLive, run tlmgr from the command prompt. Information here:

You can get what you need to install MiKTeX from here:

I would suggest that unless there is a pressing need, do not change the 
install directory from the default unless you know what you are doing.


On 19/05/15 8:46 pm, Vala Roshdi wrote:
> Hello!
> Sorry to bother you with this but im desperate and dont know where else
> to go.
> Im a student at sweden and my professor wanted me to install latex
> (texmaker) for my repport.
> I googeld it and chosed TexLive to go with it.
> -I just installd texlive (winXP)  (clean install, didnt change anything
> but install directory)
> -I have not even used it (professor said it was the wrong program (he
> wants miktex (sorry))
> -Now i cant uninstall it (winxp add/remove program starts a black
> command prompt and closes)
>   I relay dont want to break something by deleting it.
> Please help me uninstall it or point me to the wright direction please.
> HIGHLY appreciate any help!
> Thank you!
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