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>The TeX paradigm (explicit markup, with no immediately visible effect) 
>is extremely natural for some, and extremely unnatural for others; the 
>latter group, on the other hand, often find WYSIWYG systems such as 
>Microsoft Word ideally suited to their own ways of thinking and working. 

I am absolutely extremely in the WYSIWYG paradigm, for that reason ( no immediately visible effect). 

I cannot find anyone who is both 
1. fluent in TeX, or has even ever tried it 
2. available/free/unemployed at the moment to work with me. 

The colleagues whom I want to include in my NSF grant application: 

1. a jack-of-all-trades mechanically-skilled friend who has worked extremely hard 
earning multiple technical degrees in Network Administration & Microcomputer Applications, 
Public Utilities, fiber optics. She has had paid & unpaid internships in computer administration 
and utilities. 

2. a theoretical physicist, with a bachelor's & master's, who is a fantastic amazing library researcher. 
He's held his own seminar on frontier science. 

3. an astronomer & mathematician who once ran the planetarium shows at the Trenton State planetarium 
in the 1980s. Extremely well-read knowledgeable friend. 

None of us know TeX. So, these are the sets of skills & backgrounds I have to work with. 
All of us have been long-term underemployed or unemployed, so we 
(or at least hopefully one of us) have the time to learn TeX 
if I can coordinate us all for this NSF Combinatorics project, 
& that's why I asked if there existed college courses in TeX. 

John Nahay 
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