[texhax] MathJax v3.0 plans

Hefferon, James S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Wed Dec 16 15:02:28 CET 2015

Here is a link to the white paper *Towards MathJax v3.0*.  I believe that it is new (it has a modification date of earlier today) and thought it may be of interest to many members of this list.  


The Executive Summary contains these two core paragraphs:

Depending on whether or not we keep this original goal, we considered two directions to guide the redesign. If native browser support for MathML remains a core goal, we believe MathJax should focus on becoming a modern polyfill, i.e., enable MathJax to leverage partial MathML implementations in browsers and become as invisible as possible to developers. If browser support for MathML ceases to be a core goal, we believe MathJax should focus on perfecting its transformation of MathML into HTML/CSS (and into SVG), i.e., MathJax should focus on enabling a rendering that is fully equivalent to MathML and can be generated on both server and client.

After careful consideration and extensive feedback from the MathJax sponsors, the MathJax Steering Committee, as well as various experts in the field, the MathJax Consortium follows the recommendation of its development team to pursue the second direction as the guiding principle for the planned revision.


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