[texhax] voice recognition software for latex input?

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Wed Sep 24 22:44:48 CEST 2014

i have been asked for information concerning the use of a voice
input / speech recognition system for (la)tex, for the benefit
of a tetraplegic (quadriplegic) student who has no use of his limbs, and
thus no means to use "ordinary" input devices.  in this case, speech is
not affected, nor is vision, so the input aspect is the focus of this

a similar question has been asked before on tex.stackexchange:
   How can I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to write LaTeX math formulas
   by voice efficiently?
however, that question (which is more limited in scope) has never received
an answer.  while some pointers in comments have led to interesting
sources for speculation, it appears that there is nothing readily available
at this time that could conveniently be adapted for such use.  i'm hoping
that the situation has changed since that question was asked (november 2013).

from time to time, there is a report in the news about communication
mechanisms devised for individuals with disabilities of varying severity,
but i am not familiar with any that refer to *coded* material, which is
essential to the effective use of latex.  any and all relevant information
is welcome.

although a fully capable system, announced in a public forum, would be the
ideal answer, if anyone has even partial information that they would rather
not (yet) be announced publicly, i would welcome private communication.

this problem is the opposite of the usual accessibility question, which
concerns the availability of voice output for individuals who can't see.
i'm interested in that problem too; again, private communication to my
e-mail address is welcome.
                                                -- bb
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