[texhax] Suppression of \textit in \title

Dan Luecking dluecking at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 18 19:47:30 CEST 2014

On Thu Sep 18, 2014 at 12:46:37 CEST, Simmie, John 
at nuigalway.ie) wrote:

>The ACHEMSO.CLS (used for submissions to American Chemical Society 
>journals see <http://www.ctan.org/pkg/achemso>http://www.ctan.org/pkg/achemso )
>will not allow me to use italics or emphasis in the title of a paper:
>{Thermal Decomposition of 2(3\textit{H}) and 2(5\textit{H}) 
>Furanones; Theoretical Aspects}

You probably get the following warning or similar:
LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `OT1/cmss/bx/sl' undefined
(Font)              using `OT1/cmss/bx/n' instead on input line 5.

The reason you can't get italic in the title is that this document
class uses bold sanserif for the title and, given the default CM
fonts, here is no bold slanted san serif. If you change to a font
family that contains such a font, it should work.

If you include


that might be enough to get it to work (can't be sure, you didn't
supply a self-contained example file.


Daniel H. Luecking
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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