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Walt Burkhard burkhard at cs.ucsd.edu
Fri Sep 12 21:52:06 CEST 2014


I have been successfully using the epsf system for years.

However, now when I try a 3 line tex program  to display an eps file
(centered), the display is nowhere near centered on the page.

here is the tex program ---

     \input epsf



and here is the demo mpost program ---

    beginfig(1) ;

    draw (-3in,0) -- (3in,0) -- (3in,3in) --               (-3in,3in) --
cycle ;

    endfig ;


When I create demo.1 the bounding box seems to be okay.
 %%HiResBoundingBox: -216.25 -0.25 216.25 216.25

Here is the beginning of the PDF file created by

dvipdfm ---



4 0 obj

<</Type/XObject/Subtype/Form/FormType 1/BBox[-217 -1 217 217]/Matrix[1 0 0
1 217

1]/Resources 5 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/Length 58>>


What has changed or what have I missed.   This used to work.

Many thanks in advance.

Walt Burkhard
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