[texhax] Change of behavior of beamer in handout mode

Micha Hofri hofri at WPI.EDU
Tue Sep 2 06:21:42 CEST 2014

Dear All,

the beamer package is just what is needed to produce presentation mode 
slides when I lead a discussion course.  Then I post the content as pdf 
files, one per class, and use the handout mode output.

Early last spring the handout mode output suddenly changed on one on my 
machines, and it misbehaves on all the machines I have access to;

The problem: I use the command:
  \pgfpagesuselayout{4 on 1}[letterpaper, border shrink=4mm,landscape]
to collect four presentation frames on each pdf page, but get only the 
first of each four, in full size.

The aggravation is mostly due to the fact that this is a _change_ over 
several years it provided, and now it does not.  What happened?  I found 

I ran a minimal (non)working example, with \listfiles so it is all out 
there.  It was expected to produce three pages, with four frames on 
each, but instead only frames 1, 5, 9 appear!

The example, and mwe.log are listed in

Any clue would be much appreciated.  Sincerely,
              --Micha Hofri

The source is short enough to be listed here;

\pgfpagesuselayout{4 on 1}[letterpaper, border shrink=4mm,landscape]
\mode<handout>{\setbeamercolor{background canvas}{bg=black!5}}


\begin{frame} First \\

Frame one


\begin{frame} Second \\

Frame two


\begin{frame} Third \\

Frame three


\begin{frame} Fourth \\

Frame four


\begin{frame} Fifth \\

Frame five


\begin{frame} Sixth \\

Frame six


\begin{frame} Seventh \\

Frame seven


\begin{frame} Eighth \\

Frame eight


\begin{frame} Ninth \\

Frame nine


\begin{frame} Tenth \\

Frame ten


\begin{frame} Eleventh \\

Frame eleven


\begin{frame} Twelfth \\

Frame twelve



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