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On 2014-10-22 at 02:01:14 -0700, Donald Arseneau wrote:

 > On Wed, October 22, 2014 1:19 am, Mohamed HOUSSNI wrote:
 > > I already use this [demo] option but latex still stop and still
 > > ask for the figure file "blabla.eps"
 > There is also the draft option.
 > >>> I want to compile it without stopping in Figures.
 > >>> \includegraphics[width=9cm]{blabla.eps}
 > LaTeX wants to see the "bounding box" of the (imaginary) graphic.
 > You will have to supply the "bb" argument for the \includegraphics.

In draft mode the LaTeX graphic[sx] package doesn't insist on a
bounding box.

Adding "bb" arguments causes a lot of extra work because they
certainly have to be removed when the actual graphics are present.
It's better to let LaTeX determine the bounding boxes from the actual

It seems that in draft mode the LaTeX graphic[sx] package assumes that
the size of a non-existent graphic is 1in×1in.  Since everything
Mohamed wants to achieve is to turn error messages into warnings it's
sufficient add the draft option:


If a graphic file doesn't exist you'll get only a warning

  LaTeX Warning: File `nonexistent.eps' not found on input line 9.

and you can continue until you make a mistake somewhere else.  As far
as I understood Mohamed, this is what he wants to achieve.

The advantage of this approach is that only one argument has to be set
in the preamble which can easily be removed later.  All the
\includegraphics commands within the document body don't have to be


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