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Isn't this the situation described on page 260 in the TeXbook?


On Tue, 21 Oct 2014 08:51:43 -0500, Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk>  

> TeX defines three marks :  \firstmark, \topmark and \botmark. \firstmark  
> contains the value (if any) of the first \mark on the current page;  
> \botmark similarly contains the value (if any) of the last \mark on the  
> current page; and \topmark contains the value (if any) of the last mark  
> encountered before the start of the current page.
> Now, consider a document which consists of a large number of headed  
> sections; usually one or more sections will fit neatly onto a single  
> page, but occasionally a section will start on one page and continue on  
> the next.  In those circumstances, it would be very helpful to the  
> reader if the header of the section that started on an earlier page  
> could be reflected in the running head, because otherwise if he/she  
> lands on that page by chance, he/she will not know the context of the  
> text at the top of the page since its header will have appeared on a  
> previous page and thus not be visible.  How, then, might I construct  
> \headline such that it contains \topmark if the page does /not/ start  
> with a header, and \firstmark if it does (it is the headers themselves  
> that contribute the \marks to the page).
> Philip Taylor
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