[texhax] [hyperref] Programatically change the name of the \CheckBox?

Hubert Lam hubert at lamfamily.info
Wed Nov 26 12:50:01 CET 2014

Hi all

Does anyone know of ways to programmatically changing the name of the \CheckBox?

i.e. I would like the name of the \CheckBox to advance with the \theenumi counter. However, if I use


Then it fail to compile, resulting in an error about "Use of \pdfmark@ doesn't match its definition".

Attached PDF contains the LAYOUT, but with the checkbox names not advancing programmatically, thus once you tick a box, the others are also ticked.

Example that compiles (but once a CheckBox is ticked, it's ticked for every single box!)




\newcommand{\Placehold}{How are you? }


\begin{enumerate}[label={\protect\CheckBoxes \arabic*.},leftmargin=*]
\item   \psLoop{15}{\Placehold}
        \item   \psLoop{20}{\Placehold}
        \item   \psLoop{10}{\Placehold}
        \item   \psLoop{10}{\Placehold}
        \item   \psLoop{10}{\Placehold}
\item   \psLoop{35}{\Placehold}

Example that does NOT compile:


Thanks in advance!


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