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Pierre MacKay pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Mon May 26 00:09:00 CEST 2014

On 05/24/2014 06:20 AM, Hudson Flávio Vieira Mateus wrote:
> Good morning.
 > I'm looking for a specific font project, but I cannot find it. The
 > font is /Old Standard/, by Alexey Kryukov. I need this font for a
 > work of mine.
 > The project site indicated
 > (<http://www.thes­sa­lonica.org.ru/en/old­stan­dard.html
 > <http://www.thessalonica.org.ru/en/oldstandard.html>>) is out several
 > days already. And how I've seen that TeX group have it, I resolve to
 > contact you to many forwarding, if possible.
Thessalonica is not usually associated with TeX, because Alexey Kryukov 
has written it as a uno extension, and concentrated on making it work 
with the applications of LibreOffice.  (There is apparently a 
difference, which he maintains is a programing defect, between 
LibreOffice and OpenOffice 4 as distributed with the sponsorship of 

Old Standard is a rather heavy-footed workhorse of a font, and many 
other genuinely well-populated Unicode fonts work with Thessalonica as 
well.  Thessalonica is what makes LibreOffice outshine anything else for 
someone like me who has to use multiple scripts in the same manuscript.  
But it is designed as a word-processor, not as a typesetting system.  (I 
contributed the Ibycus Greek encoding to Thessalonica  myself.)  I tend 
to prefer either the latest Palatino Linotype or GR New Times Roman for 
their rich
population of most of the needed pages of Unicode.

I have not been aware of Kryukov's interest in TeX, and certainly I have 
only seen his name attached to his first-rate work on LibreOffice.  I 
could hardly live without it these days.  Moreover, Kryukov's syntax for 
the uno extensions of LibreOffice is splendidly clear and consistent.  
But TeX?????

I see no reason why TeX would be unable to use Old Standard in any place 
where TeX could use another well-made Unicode font, with the proviso 
that one is probably restricted to TrueType for it.  I just cannot think 
quite why.

Pierre MacKay

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