[texhax] tug and mavericks

Neuberger, John jwn at unt.edu
Sun Mar 30 04:12:10 CEST 2014

  My wife and I are avid TEX users.  We share three Macs.  On one
Apple installed Mavericks during a recent visit to Apple store.  Have
tried to recover my TEXShop setup, which has been working fine
for years (have written two mathematics books using TEX).
  Am looking for advice and am willing to join TUG but hope would
not have to join three times, once for each computer.
  Hope you can give me some advice.  Have always managed in the
past to install TEXshop as front end and TEXLive or another platform
underneath.  When I try to do this on our Mavericks, I get a message
that I must use Apple Installer and don't know how to do this.
  Regards and thanks,
  John Neuberger
  Emeritus Professor, University of North Texas

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