[texhax] Drawing colored pie chart in KOMA-Class scrreprt (preferably without manually installing pgf-pie

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sun Mar 23 18:39:31 CET 2014

Am 23.03.2014 17:56, schrieb Suresh Govindachar:

> The example doesn't work for me either (pdf has only text);  command
> used on Windows 7 64 bit with MikTex:  xelatex lasecond.tex.  I noticed
> that the output log files does not have all the messages that xelatex
> puts out in the console, so have attached the output below;  perhaps the
> lines marked WARNING provide a clue?:

I testet it with my Windows 7 in a VM with an up-to-date MiKTeX 2.9
and had no problem.


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