[texhax] Drawing colored pie chart in KOMA-Class scrreprt (preferably without manually installing pgf-pie

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sun Mar 23 16:34:47 CET 2014

Am 23.03.2014 14:52, schrieb Philip Taylor:
> A very nice example (I haven't yet seen a rationalisation
> of why pie-charts are deprecated, and would be interested
> to know the basis for this) but I have two questions, if
> I may ?
> 1) It relies on PS-Tricks, but uses a PDF engine; how does
> that work (PS = "PostScript", which is not in the workflow)

XeTeX can detect a \special command and then turns itself
into the xdvi->xdvipdfmx-route.

> 2) How does the example "know" to float the "food" wedge
> to the right and slightly down, and which parameter(s)
> would need to be adjusted to place it in its home position ?

with polar coodinates it is simple: Enlarge the radius, and
the wedge will be moved in radian direction.


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