[texhax] Drawing colored pie chart in KOMA-Class scrreprt (preferably without manually installing pgf-pie

Pascal pascal.bernhard at belug.de
Fri Mar 21 10:02:39 CET 2014

Hi all, 

I would like to insert a colored pie chart into my master's thesis I
write with LaTeX using the KOMA-class sccreprt.

The purpose is to show the market share of different companies. This as
a disclaimer, since I have read several times on the web, that it is
advised against using pie charts. Still I find this the most
illustrative way to depict the idea of market shares. I am totally happy
to hear of any suggestions of other solutions that are superior to pie

I came across several solutions, although most require the package
pgf-pie to be installed, which apparently does not come with my TeX-Live
2013 (LaTeX, LuaTeX, XeLaTeX) on my Linux. As I mentioned in previous
post, due to rather uncomfortable time constraints, I would like to
tinker as few a possible with my TeX-installation. 

The first example works
(http://www.texample.net/tikz/examples/pie-chart/), but I'm totally at a
loss about how get colors into the pie chart. This basically does the
trick, I do not aspire to fancy stuff like a drawn out slice, but colors
I definitively would like to see.



  % slice
  \draw[thick,fill=black!10] (0,0) -- (#1:1) arc (#1:#2:1) -- cycle;

  % outer label
  \node[label=\midangle:#4] at (\midangle:1) {};

  % inner label
  \pgfmathparse{max(\temp,-0.5) + 0.8}
  \node at (\midangle:\innerpos) {#3};


\foreach \p/\t in {20/type A, 4/type B, 11/type C,
                   49/type D, 16/other}



I should mention that in my case the pie chart is supposed to show that
the markets is carved up by two companies, one having a 69 % market
share, the other 29 %, which leaves 2 % for various other tiny firms.
I'm not sure whether I could modify the example above quite easily to
fit my needs, so any help here would also be higly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for you kind help, 


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