[texhax] Cropping rectangle should form reference boundary for book

Dr A K Hannaby keith_hannaby at mathshelp.com
Mon Mar 10 17:05:28 CET 2014


When writing a book, it is an advantage to see the placement of what one
writes on the finished page area - for both odd and even pages.

So I have centred (both horizontally and vertically) my cropping rectangle
for my pages to be: 165 x 205 on the A4 210 x 297 page.

The A4 page is therefore no longer of any interest to me.


I would like my "binding" margin to be 26mm and the "free" margin to be 12mm

Likewise, the margin (clear space) at the top to be 14mm and at the bottom

But no matter how I juggle the AMSBOOK parameters, I cannot properly relate
the standard values like:

\setlength{\topmargin}{mm} % 

\setlength{\headheight}{mm} %

\setlength{\textheight}{mm} %

\setlength{\topskip}{mm} %

\setlength{\footskip}{mm} %

\setlength{\leftmargin}{0mm} %



to the simple values I want.


It appears that some values need to be NEGATIVE to work, and also changing
values sometimes produces non-linear effects.

Can someone explain, for example, which parameters are intended to be
independently set as primary values, and which others are then

Alternatively, is it possible to convince Latex that the cropping rectangle
is, indeed, the reference rectangle?

[I have, in fact, juggled the numbers to get what I want, but if someone
asked me to change a parameter, I would again really not know where to




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