[texhax] Nested lists and newenvironment

William F Hammond hmwlfsr at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 8 04:46:34 CET 2014

Dan Luecking <dluecking at sbcglobal.net> writes:

> . . .
> Wrapping \item in a group causes each item to see itself as
> the first in the enumerate environment. I have not been able
> yet to trace exactly how this leads to the results you see,
> and how the surrounding trivlist environment is involved,
> but sure one can expect things to go wrong if mistaken
> information is used.

Yes.  One can prove it by replacing the enumerate items in
the second trivlist by "itg"-s, where
\newcommand{\itg}{\begingroup\item \endgroup}

After the second list there are delayed labels until another
list appears.  That could be, for example, a "center"

It has to do with recursive logic and timing.  Because of
this I conjectured to myself that Jim's original should go
through Bruce Miller's latexml -- which does not rely on
actual LaTeX in any way -- correctly.  And it does (apart
from its typesetting of trivlist)!

                              -- Bill

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