[texhax] Achieving the optimum quality of rendering

Dr A K Hannaby keith_hannaby at mathshelp.com
Mon Mar 3 22:50:36 CET 2014


I am writing a book on mathematics using the TechnicCenter with MiKTeX 2.9
AMSBOOK and running under Windows 7.


As I write, I build (compile) the current .tex file as dvi - because it
renders reasonably and is quite quick.

I have named all my figures without specifying the file extension;  both eps
and pdf versions of each figure exist in the appropriate folder.


In the final version, I would like the best possible quality of rendering
and I believe that to be a pdf file.

My two questions are, first.

which of the options:

(i)                      Latex => DVI (not this one)

(ii)                    Latex => DVI => PDF

(iii)                  Latex => PDF

(iv)                  Latex => PS => PDF

should I use, and second.

is the final quality dependent on the software already present on my PC?

To put it another way.  would I benefit, for example, by having the latest
version of Adobe Acrobat or whatever on my PC in the final instance?





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